As part of our evaluation of the camp, Soccer for Peace conducted a survey amongst the participants, just as we did last year.

In an effort to increase the accuracy of our results, we have combined last year’s results with this year’s results. The overall results show the strong positive impact the camp makes on all of its campers.

best-sports-charitiesFirst, an overwhelming majority of the participants, 84%, have stated their desire to return to the camp next year. Additionally, 88% of the Jewish children and 82% of the Arab children have expressed their desire to participate in a similar, year-long framework. 91% of the Jewish participants and 77% of the Arab participants stated that they have met more members of the “other” group then in any other setting. 62% of all participants reported that their attitude towards the “other” group has changed. Finally, 62% of all the participants express their willingness to keep in touch with new friends from the “other” group.

We are very encouraged by the results of the survey, along with the extraordinarily positive feedback we received from the counselors and coaches who worked at camp this year. Our experience at camp this year reinforces our firm belief that Israel’s future depends on projects that bring together Jews and Arabs, promoting friendship, equality, and understanding.

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