About Soccer for Peace

Ori Winitzer, Founder, Soccer for Peace

Thank you for your interest in Soccer for Peace. Our aim is to raise both funds and awareness for a cause that is conducive to peace in the Middle East, and all war-torn regions of the world.

By visiting the website, attending events, telling others about us, or making donations from afar, you enable children of conflict regions to unite in an activity they all love.

Soccer for Peace was born out of the rage and frustration that has colored the Middle East for so long. As an Israeli-American I felt compelled to stand against it, and as a soccer fan I am familiar with the binding power of the world’s most popular game. The ability to find a commonality between Jew and Arab forces each to recognize the humanity of both. And that, in turn, makes for a context in which dialogue and mutual understanding are possible.

It seems naïve, of course, to pin our hopes for peace in the Middle East (or anywhere) on a game. And in truth, it is. Ending such a longwinded struggle is a process that takes years. I do not think Soccer for Peace is the miracle solution that will save the region from itself. I do believe, however, that by bringing 100 children together–and hopefully many more in years to come–we are moving in the right direction. Goal by goal, season by season, I still remain hopeful that we will get there.



Ori Winitzer
Founder & Board Chairman