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  “…if I am only for myself, what am I?”

– Hillel –

Looking for bar mitzvah project ideas or bat mitzvah project ideas? Soccer for Peace is proud to work alongside you in the creation and execution of a mitzvah project.

The nature of the project can vary greatly, including soccer related events or efforts to raise funds and awareness for the organization. To make for a meaningful experience, you will need to…

    • Identify with the mission of Soccer for Peace and understand our work.
    • Determine which project is right for you based on its nature, the amount of work involved and the desired end-result.
    • Connect with Soccer for Peace to discuss the project and receive any materials that may be of help.
    • Establish a time frame and plan for fulfilling your Mitzvah project.
    • Recruit others as helpful and necessary.
    • Create any materials or merchandise you may need.
    • Gather all goods required if the project is an event.
    • Determine how to weave your project into your actual Bat or Bar Mitzvah.
    • Share your results with your community and with Soccer for Peace.

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