Soccer for Peace on Video

“Goals of Peace” Summer Camp

Soccer for Peace’s Goals of Peace summer camp was held from August 3-6 at Nir HaEmek Youth Village in the Wadi Ara region of Israel. For 4 days and 3 nights, 80 children ages 11-13 participated in soccer practices, scrimmages, and tournaments, cultural field trips, and dialogue and educational programming.

Jenin Barkai Summer Camp

In the spirit of the recently concluded Soccer World Cup, 80 Palestinian, Arab-Israeli, and Jewish children graduated from a summer camp recently in which they learned coexistence through the popular sport.

World Cup 2018

Commercial to support the World Cup taking place in Israel and Palestine in 2018.

Soccer for Peace on Fox

Soccer for Peace gets great coverage on Fox Soccer Channel in New York City.

Meet SFP Kids

Soccer for Peace facilitates coexistence in Israel by uniting Jewish and Arab Israeli children in their shared passion for soccer.

Soccer for Peace Cup

SFP gets coverage on NBC News at the Soccer for Peace Cup event in New York City.

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