Ben Eckman, who will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in Israel in June 2014, shared with us why he chose Soccer for Peace as his mitzvah project.

Bar-Mitzvah-Project-Ben-Eckman“I love soccer, my dad is on the Maccabi US Men’s Soccer team and I want to help bring peace to the world. All of these things made me feel like Soccer for Peace was the right mitzvah project for me.”

Ben has been working hard to spread the word about his project to all of his family and friends. Ben shares, “I emailed a very concise letter that explained my connection to Soccer for Peace and why they should help me raise $1,000. In the letter, I showed them a link to follow to see the website I created with my whole campaign and photos of soccer, camp, club soccer and Maccabi soccer.”

Ben is very excited about the positive response he has received from his family, friends, and friends he doesn’t even remember! “They were really happy with it. My Aunt in Canada sent it to her friend who met me when I was a little kid and even though I don’t remember her, she said the project spoke to her and donated money. I think people think it’s a great idea and not too hard to give to money.”

“I love sports and I’m excited for our trip to Israel so this project is the right one for me.”

We can’t wait to see you here in Israel next summer Ben!

Check out Ben’s online fundraising campaign here.