For his Bar Mitzvah Project, Ethan Stolar is planning to sell Soccer for Peace shirts to his classmates at school and soccer team.

Ethan tells us he was attracted to Soccer for Peace for his Bar Mitzvah project because he “wanted to choose an organization that had something to do with soccer and I really liked Soccer for Peace’s ideas to bring kids together by playing soccer.”

Ethans shares, “I am spreading the word to my family and friends via Facebook, email and in person. My parents and friends thought it was a good choice for me because they know how much I love soccer and they thought the ideas that Soccer for Peace came up with were great. I think the project is helping me connect to my Bar Mitzvah in a more meaningful way because my Bar Mitzvah theme is soccer and it makes it more meaningful when my Mitzvah project is also about soccer.

Ethan claims, “I am really enjoying doing my Mitzvah Project with Soccer for Peace because I think playing soccer is the best way in the world to make friends and bring kids together. I also want to keep supporting Soccer for Peace after my Bar Mitzvah so it can benefit more kids of all ages.”

Kol hakavod (way to go) Ethan!