Soccer for Peace would like to wish a huge Mazel Tov to Ari Lieberman on his Bar Mitzvah! Ari truly committed himself to his Mitzvah project, raising over $2,500 for Soccer for Peace!

We love that Ari really personalized his campaign, even hosting a soccer competition to help with his fundraising efforts and to spread awareness about Soccer for Peace.

The soccer competition was held at a local professional soccer arena, just before the soccer team played. Ari’s friends and teammates helped him run the competition.

football 472047 640Ari shared with us that he chose Soccer for Peace because he and his family “all thought what Soccer for Peace did for the Jewish/Arab communities was so amazing, I just had to support them. The mission of Soccer for Peace is really what inspired me to support them.”

He shared that his “family and friends’ reactions to Soccer for Peace were just pure amazement. They were so awed by Soccer for Peace’s huge impact on the Jewish/Arab communities.”

Ari believes that the project “definitely helped me connect to my Bar Mitzvah, because the project made my whole Bar Mitzvah experience more unique, and I learned how good it is to help others. It feels so good to help others on the other side of the world. I am very thankful for the opportunity to help these kids.”

We are so thankful Ari chose Soccer for Peace for his mitzvah project. Thank you Ari!