Soccer for Peace would like to thank Shai Wexler for raising $2,495 in honor of her Bat Mitzvah!

Shai celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in Israel this past July, and we couldn’t be more excited for her. Thank you, Shai, for your enthusiasm towards Israel, Judaism, and Soccer for Peace.

ShaiWexler-MitzvahProjectLearn more about Shai and how she truly made her Bat Mitzvah project her own! Mazel Tov, Shai!

“I chose Soccer for Peace as my mitzvah project because I really care about peace in Israel (my mom is Israeli and I visit there every summer) and I love playing soccer.

I spread the word by sending emails to basically everyone my parents and I know, and asking them to spread the word. They really did spread the word—I got a lot of donations from my grandparents’ friends. I didn’t just tell people who I thought would donate—I told lots of friends and neighbors too, which really paid off when they all showed up at my bake sale!

Almost everyone thought it was a great idea and a very special and beautiful program. Thanks to the Soccer for Peace video (which was definitely tear worthy), my family and friends were very moved.

I made the project mine by having a bake sale, because along with violin, soccer, track, swimming, drawing, and theater, baking is one of my many hobbies. While a lot of people can get stressed out while planning a big bake sale, I really enjoyed planning it and baking everything!

This project really helped me connect to my bat mitzvah in a more meaningful way. In my dvar torah, I discussed how we should not judge people by stereotypes, and how this relates to Soccer for Peace.

I really enjoyed raising money for Soccer for Peace. It is a truly special and amazing program. I can’t thank all of my family and friends enough for all of their support and donations.”