April, 2011 – I’ve often been asked how I’d know Soccer for Peace was successful. To jewish-wedding-mitzvah
which, three milestones came to mind: (1) when I randomly saw a person wearing our t-shirt (2) when the organization would be responsible for a wedding, and (3) when a sincere and lasting peace became the reality in the Middle East. 

The first goal was achieved in 2005 (at the gym!) and the last remains elusive (our work not withstanding). This month, however, we joyously celebrate the wedding of Alex Fyfe and Shelli Rosenbaum, two of the finest individuals and most committed volunteers to have ever blessed Soccer for Peace.

Alex and Shelli met in 2008, when helping to organize the first ever Soccer for Peace Cup. Unbeknownst to the rest of the organizing a committee, another great beginning was afoot. Alex and Shelli selflessly oversaw every piece of the tournament, a massive undertaking and ultimately a wild success. They dedicated countless hours, often at the expense of their professional and personal lives, and helped raise thousands of dollars. They would repeat the effort in 2009 and 2010, helping to make the Soccer for Peace Cup the most visible, popular and successful event in the organization’s history.

Coming from different faiths, Alex and Shelli decided to forego a religious a wedding. Instead they asked me to officiate, as the founder of the organization to which they had already given so much. It was perhaps the single greatest honor of my life. And among my most sincere joys.

On behalf of the entire organization, every one has ever contributed to or benefited from it, I wish Alex and Shelli a life of happiness and meaning. And in the best of worlds, some young footballers to help achieve goal #3.

With love,

Ori Winitzer
Founder & Board Chairman